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What's Happening Now?


We're loving having visitors old and new in the studio - reminds us of how much we missed having you all around.

First in was Martin Green on May 1st filming and screening live, May Dawn Dance by the campfire and it was a great way to kick things off. Then came Aidan O'Rourke, Laura Wilkie, Sequoia Duo, residency musicians from Chamber Music Scotland, and numerous writers and creative folk of different genres. Great to see artists with a full head of steam again!

We're still being careful though. Restrictions may be lifting but we're not forgetting that covid is still out there and we're not carrying on as if it wasn't. So we still ask you to behave in a careful and considered manner. We hope that you'll be vaccinated before you visit us and take a lateral flow test before you arrive (though neither are obligatory). The studio will still be cleaned and aired to a covid-standard and we'll be keeping the safety of our visitors a priority to enable us all to relax and enjoy your stay here.

Happy winter everybody. Stafe safe, stay cosy.

Pat and Andy 

The Cairn at the Bottom of the Track

The Cairn at the Bottom of the Track

An ongoing and occasional space to show work at the bottom of the studio track. A viewing platform on a purpose-built stone cairn. It's for locals, visitors, kids, grown up kids, cyclists, dogs, passers-by and anyone else you can think of.  All welcome!

You can view the Cairn Lockdown Projects here: here



Our visitors.

Recent visitors: GAIA Award winning duo, Katrina Lee and Alice Ellen, two distinguised chamber musicians  and winners of Chamber Music Scotland highly competitive and prestigious two year residency. We were treated to a pre gig set in the studio - their music was stunning!

A welcome message to our visitors.

A welcome message to our visitors.

We want to take this opportunity to say that Heriot Toun has always and will always welcome people of every nationality, colour, creed, gender - we value every one of you. Your art - whatever your medium - enriches not only your life but the lives of others. Please don't stop making it. 

Regardless of what governments are syaing and doing or how crazy the world seems to be in general, let's not forget the good stuff and the good people, of which there are many. Scotland is an inclusive country and we welcome every one of you.

Kirsty: boat news

Kirsty: boat news

We're often asked about our old gaff ketch, 'Kirsty' who, amongst other things is the hub of many of Pat's projects. So we've given her some space here for all the nerds who are interested in paint, varnish and general boaty stuff. For everyone else, look away now.

Kirsty was built in 1921 which means she is now in her 100th year. 

 We have a fair bit of information on her but are always looking for more, be it photographs, past owners, anecdotes or anything of historical interest. If you think you have anything we might like to see then please get in touch.

Photos and more information on Kirsty can also be found here

Plastic water bottles

Plastic water bottles

Recently we've had visitors bring bottled water with them, thinking for some reason that the water might be sub-standard in the studio. We'd like to assure everyone that the water comes straight from the mains and is perfectly good to drink. Please don't bring any with you, we're trying to reduce the amount of plastic in the studio. Thanks

Pat Law - Current and Past Work

Pat Law - Current and Past Work

Current and past work of Heriot Toun's permanent resident: Studio Log .

Heriot Book Hut

Heriot Book Hut

Our village of Heriot  has a wee book hut where folk can come and borrow, swap, buy (for a small amount) or donate a book.  The hut is sited in the grounds of the church and will be based here until it goes to its new home at the village hall where there will eventually be a new extension.

The book hut will be open  Saturday mornings 10am-1pm. All welcome.

Pathhead Music Collective

Local events featuring Pathhead Music Collective musicians

This energetic lot of musicians over the hill always have loads going on, so much so that we can't do it justice here, so visit their websites to see what they're up to - links below:

PMC Facebook page: here

PMC website here

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