Heriot Toun in summer

Studio Architecture

The concept on which the studio is based, is of a building with a 'light footprint' both on the site itself and on the general environment.

With this in mind we built the foundations with timber piles, the superstructure and cladding are timber and the insulation is sheepswool. Heating and hot water are geothermal, an ecologically sound method based on transfer of heat from underground pipes therefore reducing the consumption of fossil fuels.

Architectural plan of the studio

The studio sits on a hillside facing south-east, overlooking the valley of Heriot and the main house. It is sheltered by beech and birch trees but enjoys open views due to it’s elevated position.

The basic form of the Studio stems from a desire to provide the accommodation in a simple, direct manner, whilst taking full advantage of the significant qualities of the site. We have tried to achieve a good balance between light, freedom from glare, views out and working wallspace, and to provide a spacious volume which allows the soul to breathe! Light comes partly from a large rooflight in the northwest slope of the roof, and from the southeast wall which is almost entirely glass, taking full advantage of the view. This light is controllable by use of blinds.

The principal working wall is opposite this, and is framed by two slot windows to give glimpse views to the northwest and sunsets. The amount of working wall available is increased by use of sliding doors covering storage in the northeast gable.

Outside the glazed wall is a generous deck, sheltered by a wall to the northeast which houses the log store.

For further information on the design or build of the studio, contact Andy on andy@heriot-toun.co.uk

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