Heriot Toun in summer

Words for Summer 2014

Cap'n, a wee version for you:


the birlinn's crew
and their tasks

a wise skipper
to teer her lymphan tiller
and lead on the oar-song

a heedful of salt
to mind the tackle

a powerful salt
to pull and slacken the big sail

his brother
to haul the sheet up and down

a look-out
to keep watch in all directions

a stalwart salt
to raise the halyards full-weight

an experienced salt
to watch the waves fetch

a brisk youth
to bail her out fast

two crew
to handle the rear sails

and six clnasmen
to pull, pull, pull on the oars
and sing, sing, sing the chorus

after Alastair Mhich (Alistair Campbell)

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