Heriot Toun in summer

Words for Spring 2010

A Leaf for a Sail (Nothing to Hold Onto)

There once was a man who sailed out to sea
in a boat with a leaf for a sail
No anchor to drop
And when the wind blew
he had nothing to hold onto

Nothing to hold onto
The morning he left, all the villagers grieved
For they all knew the power of the sea
And the one he loved best
Stood ringing her hands
Whispering 'winds, blow him back home to me,
Winds, blow him back home to me."

He was taken by the ocean
He gave in to the ocean
He gave himself to the ocean

There's some that would say that he left unprepared
No provisions or charts did he take
But he readied his mind
And leased it from care
For he knew he'd a journey to make
He knew he'd a journey to make

And now he is sailing in waters so rare
Afloat on the beautiful sea
And though they can't see him
They know that he's there
And one day they'll all be so free
One day they'll all be so free

Kim Edgar

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