Heriot Toun in summer

What's Happening Now?

Phew! What a winter. Beautiful frosty nights and snowed-in days, skiing, sledging, mulled-wining and all things inbetween. But yikes, we're ready for Spring weather; lambs are appearing, snowdrops are in full bloom and daffies are poking their welcome heads up. 

Have a look at the beautiful Burn's poem on the homepage and drink it in. And come on sun, do your thing!

Look forward to meeting new friends and welcoming back the old to the studio this Spring.


Message to our visitors.

Message to our visitors.

Can we take this opportunity to say that Heriot Toun has always and will always welcome people of every nationality, colour, creed, gender - we value every one of you.  Regardless of what  governments are saying or doing or how crazy the world seems to be, let's not forget the good stuff, the good people, of which there are many.

You are all very welcome here at Heriot Toun Studio.

Pathhead Music Collective

Local events featuring Pathhead Music Collective musicians

This energetic lot of musicians over the hill always have loads going on, so much so that we can't do it justice here, so visit their websites to see what they're up to - links below:

PMC Facebook page: here

PMC website here

Kirsty: boat news

Kirsty: boat news

We're often asked about our old gaff ketch, 'Kirsty' who, amongst other things is the hub of many of Pat's projects. So we've given her some space here for all the nerds who are interested in paint, varnish and general boaty stuff. For everyone else, look away now.

What a summer! And weren't we due it! So far we haven't sailed in a single gale - for us that's a record. Not only tha,t it's been warm and balmy, we've even had to soak the decks a few times to stop them drying out too much. We're not complaning.



Pat Law - Current and Past Work

Pat Law - Current and Past Work

Current and past work of Heriot Toun's permanent resident: Studio Log .

Heriot Book Hut

Heriot Book Hut

Our village of Heriot now has a wee book hut where folk can come and borrow, swap, buy (for a small amount) or donate a book. Initiated by friend, writer and Heriot neighbour, Stuart Kelly, the hut is sited in the grounds of the church. It will be based here until it goes to its new home at the village hall where there will eventually be a new extension.

The book hut will be open Friday afternoons 2-4.30pm and Saturday mornings 10am-1pm. All welcome.

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