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What's Happening Now?

September 26th, 2020

Hi everyone, it's wonderful to have you back! We've missed you.

Re covid-19 and the current government guidelines announced recently concerning self catering accomodation. Just to be clear, the studio is a workspace with optional accomodation, not a holiday rental. You can still come here and work on your projects as you have in the past. For our part, we will give you guidelines,  pre arrival, then it's over to you to take responsibility for your actions during your stay here.
We will be following all necessary procedures to ensure the safety of our visitors, ourselves and the local and wider communities and will continue to follow the guidelines as they change and will update our strategy accordingly. 
We're acutely aware of the hardships artists and creatives are enduring right now due to the restrictions, and as the studio is a space for creative people to work on projects we'll do our best to help you achieve your aims within the guidelines.

Please go to the booking page for more details: http://www.heriot-toun.co.uk/booking/index.php

Look forward to seeing you!

Pat and Andy


The Cairn at the Bottom of the Track

The Cairn at the Bottom of the Track

Lockdown project no. 3 Plague Clothes
Words for Autumn on the website homepage come from a collection of poems and photographs by Shetland born poet, Robert Alan Jamieson, written in the Spring of 2020 while recovering from Covid-19 symptoms. The publication is a collaboration with Daniela Silva and Patrick Jamieson who used the opportunity to set up Taproot Press publishing company. By supporting this book you'll be supporting an exciting young publishing enterprise.

Heriot Unlocked!

Heriot Unlocked! Calling all folk living in Heriot area during lockdown

We want your images, your poems, your stories! What was your experience of lockdown? What were you up to? Do you have a story to tell?
Digital photos for adults, paper drawings/paintings for school children.Stories for anyone. We'll project the photos and hang the paper ones in the studio when all is well in phase three. One image only per person please, to info@heriot-toun.co.uk (NOT through Facebook) max file size 3mb - or send your printed poem/ story/drawing (up to A3, max 500 words) to Pat and Andy, Heriot Toun Farmhouse, Heriot EH38 5YE. Subject/label: Heriot Unlocked! with your name, title and any description. Updates will be on the studio Facebook page
Come and join us!

Message to our visitors.

Message to our visitors.

We want to say that Heriot Toun has always and will always welcome people of every nationality, colour, creed, gender - we value every one of you.  Regardless of what  governments are saying or doing or how crazy the world seems to be, let's not forget the good stuff and the good people, of which there are many.

Heriot Toun Studio welcomes you - Scotland welcomes you!

books, books, books..

books, books, books...

Olivia Laing: one of our favourite writers. Loving this inspiring collection of essays which brings together a career's worth of her writings on art and culture.

Kirsty: boat news

Kirsty: boat news

We're often asked about our old gaff ketch, 'Kirsty' who, amongst other things is the hub of many of Pat's projects. So we've given her some space here for all the nerds who are interested in paint, varnish and general boaty stuff. For everyone else, look away now.

Kirsty was built in 1921 which means it's not long until we celebrate her 100th birthday next year. We have a fair bit of information on her but are always looking for more, be it photographs, past owners, anecdotes or anything of historical interest. If you think you have anything we might like to see then please get in touch.

Photos and more information on Kirsty can also be found here

Art North

Art North

A new quarterly and online magazine to connect, inform and promote the art and artists of Scotland and the far north.

"Art North has been founded precisely to act as a point of contact via which a range of artistic and critical voices can come together and be heard, thus serving as a meaninful conduit for the outward flow of information about all that there is to celebrate about our arts from 'the margins'.
To achieve the broadest coverage of the arts and crafts that we report on, our team of writers and critics (located in twelve countries) has been assembled to fully represent even the remotest of locations - from Fair Isle to Faroe islands, Tromsø to Tiree."

You can subscribe here: https://artnorth-magazine.com/magazine/

Plastic water bottles

Plastic water bottles

Recently we've had visitors bring bottled water with them, thinking for some reason that the water might be sub-standard in the studio. We'd like to assure everyone that the water comes straight from the mains and is perfectly good to drink. Please don't bring any with you, we're trying to reduce the amount of plastic in the studio. Thanks

Pat Law - Current and Past Work

Pat Law - Current and Past Work

Current and past work of Heriot Toun's permanent resident: Studio Log .

Heriot Book Hut

Heriot Book Hut

Our village of Heriot now has a wee book hut where folk can come and borrow, swap, buy (for a small amount) or donate a book. Initiated by writer, Stuart Kelly, the hut is sited in the grounds of the church. It will be based here until it goes to its new home at the village hall where there will eventually be a new extension.

The book hut will be open  Saturday mornings 10am-1pm. All welcome.

Pathhead Music Collective

Local events featuring Pathhead Music Collective musicians

This energetic lot of musicians over the hill always have loads going on, so much so that we can't do it justice here, so visit their websites to see what they're up to - links below:

PMC Facebook page: here

PMC website here

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