Heriot Toun in winter

Access Heriot Toun Studio

When you arrive at Heriot Toun, access to the studio by car is up the short farm track to the right of the main farmhouse. Drive on up the track and you'll see the parking spaces close to the studio.  

Access path to Heriot Toun StudioThere are 5/6 parking places on gravel close to the studio. On foot from the road, it's only about a hundred meters to the studio up the track, where it can be accessed by a set of steps leading up through the trees to the entrance, or you can continue up the track as cars do without climbing the steps.

There is sloped access from the car parking area to the door of the studio. We did our best to provide independent wheelchair access but the site is just too tricky and hilly, so although wheelchairs can access the studio, they will need a bit of assistance on approach. The studio itself is all on one level, except for the single high platfrom bed in the living area.

Winter Time

One of the lovely thing about the studio is that it's just off the beaten track and accessed via a private farm track ensuring a high degree of peace and quiet. The down side to this is, the council does not clear the track in the winter.

Please bare in mind that we're in a hilly rural area (altitude 800ft asl) and at times the track and parking area will be slippy; if you manage to get your car up the track in snowy weather, you might not manage to get it out again - all of the studio land is on a slope. So please check the weather forecast and local conditions before you arrive, then park at the bottom of the track first and check it out before you drive up to the studio. If in doubt, leave your car at the bottom of the track and walk the short distance to the studio. 
Feel free to give us a ring to check conditions.

The up side is - it's a great place to be in the winter! We'll even give you a sledge...


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