Heriot Toun in summer

The Horsebox

In its past life a horse trailer, now a trailable space to show experimental work.

Shown at:

Birnam, Glen Coe, Hawick, Heriot...so far.

The Horsebox was set up as an offshoot to Heriot Toun, not so much a gallery (although it has been and could be) but more of a space to show mini versions of whatever big spaces can do, be it visual, audio or performance based, a space just to try things out on a temporary basis in unexpected places. Being small and intimate it can create a different experience to a large conventional gallery space, allowing the viewer to have closer interaction with the work.

In 2011 the inaugural exhibition Utopia was trailed to three arts festivals in Scotland; contributing artists along with Pat were: Richard Ashrowan, Alec Finlay, Su Grierson, Mary Morrison, Alistair Peebles and Karine Polwart.

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