Heriot Toun in summer

The Cairn at the Bottom of the Track

A space in the form of a cairn on which to show work; occasional and mainly collaborative, low key, small and intimate. For passers-by and interested parties to view, sit and ponder.



Pat Law with:

Kirsty Law, Gerry Loose, Robert Alan Jamieson, Karine Polwart, Mhairi Law, Diana Berg


The Cairn kicked off at the time of the Covid-19 lockdown, Spring 2020. It seemed a pretty good time and place to start; there was much to say and within the quiet of Heriot Toun it seemed the perfect place to try and say it.

The projects are in collaboration with artists of different disciplines to produce combined pieces of work.  Works will be shown on this page.

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Lockdown project no.1 'Lullaby for Troubled Times'
A film and song collaboration with Kirsty Law, song-maker. 
http://www.kirstylaw.com Kirsty's website
http//vimeo.com/425896163 to view the film

Lockdown project no. 2 'The Plague'
With poet, Gerry Loose, poem paired with a drawing made of graphite and ferric oxide

Lockdown project no. 3 'Plague Clothes'
A collection of poems written by Robert Alan Jamieson in Spring 2020 while recovering from symptoms of Covid-19. 
The publication is a collaboration with Daniela Silva and Patrick Jamieson who used the opportunity to establish Taproot Press.

Project no. 4: hame: home: heim (three short films): 
Three short films relating to the concept of home and its myriad of meanings.

Salter's Road: song by Karine Polwart, film by Pat Law. Watch it here on Vimeo

Underneath the Sycamore: song by Kirsty Law and Karine Polwart, film by Pat Law. Watch it here on Vimeo

Space by Mhairi Law
unavailable online


On February 24th, 2022 Russia invaded Ukraine. This piece is for the Ukranian people in solidarity.
Text by Diana Berg, image by Pat Law: (ferric chloride, indigo ink and crushed graphite on paper)

Full text:
"Last time I saw Andriy he was in high heels. Now, like many f my friends, he's taken up arms.

During these three days of war I have also seen something new, something beautiful, powerful and inspiring from all Ukranians, who feel that instinct to stay at home and fight for the nation. I am amazed at just how brave the Ukranian people are. I never expected so many regular civilians to join the territorial defence. Everyone I know in Kyiv has gone to enrol.

Many of my friends are artists. I have always been an artist and an activist and sometimes I'd laugh at my artist friends a little bit, thinking they are beautiful, philosophical but essentially toothless. It turns out not to be true. The last time I saw one of them, Andriy, he was wearing high heels and glitter, modelling for this crazy fashion theatre. He went to join the military but they wouldn't take him because he had a Russian passport (he's originally from St. Petersburg) so he went to another town and was taken on there. We have the spirit. The Russian soldiers may take us brutally and violently but they cannot take us back"

Diana Berg, Mariupol, Ukraine, February 2022



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