Heriot Toun in autumn

The Cairn at the Bottom of the Track

A space in the form of a cairn on which to show work; occasional and mainly collaborative, low key, small and intimate. For passers-by and interested parties to view, sit and ponder.

When a new 'normal' is established post-covid, we hope to have readings and small events.

All welcome.

Pat Law with:

Kirsty Law, Gerry Loose, Robert Alan Jamieson

The Cairn kicked off at the time of the Covid-19 lockdown, Spring 2020. It seemed a pretty good time and place to start; there was much to say and within the peace of Heriot Toun it seemed the perfect place to try and say it.

The projects are in collaboration with artists of different disciplines to produce combined pieces of work.  Works will be shown on this page.

Hover over each image to see title and artists involved.

Lockdown project no.1 'Lullaby for Troubled Times'
A film and song collaboration with Kirsty Law, song-maker. 
http://www.kirstylaw.com Kirsty's website
http//vimeo.com/425896163 to view the film

Lockdown project no. 2 'The Plague'
With poet, Gerry Loose, poem paired with a drawing made of graphite and ferric oxide

Lockdown project no. 3 'Plague Clothes'
A collection of poems written by Robert Alan Jamieson in Spring 2020 while recovering from symptoms of Covid-19. 
The publication is a collaboration with Daniela Silva and Patrick Jamieson who used the opportunity to establish Taproot Press.



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