Heriot Toun in summer


Sound, still and moving image celebrating the lighthouses of the Forth and Tay estuaries.

Artists book to accompany installation.

Shown at:

Cambo Stables, Fife, with Heartwood Artists, July 2012

Alchemy Film Festival, Hawick, October 2012
- in the Horsebox

Shine looks at the sea routes taken by sailing vessels on the east coast of Scotland, the invisible dissolving pathways, existing only as  dotted lines on a chart or lines in a song, but used extensively by trading and fishing vessels for hundreds of years, carrying people, cargo, skills and stories from the Baltic, the Netherlands and Scandinavia.

Until the construction of  lighthouses, these sea routes were both treacherous and life threatening, many vessels wrecked on hiden reefs and rocks. The guiding lights became the lynchpins of these invisible paths, not only for the sailing vessels and their crews, but for the associated individuals and fishing communities around the coastline, their  glow synonomous with safety and survival.

Shine is a Horsebox installation using still and moving image to convey the  spirit and imaginings of those sea roads.

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