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Shetland residency

Shetland residency

In June this year I'll be spending time in Shetland researching the concept of 'belonging': what it means to belong to a place, a person, a country - how it might originate and consequently express itself.

Amongst other places, I'll be looking at the 'Shetland bus' launch slip where many brave souls helped Norwegian refugees to safety when Germany invaded their country. They sailed small craft disuised as fishing boats, across the North Sea under the cover of darkness and the noses of the Germans. An incredible feat. I'll be starting a series of drawings taken from the remnants and memories of that specific area.


Glen Coe

A work in progress : disecting the geological and cultural elements of this extraordinary landscape. 

Water, Water Everwhere

Water, Water Everwhere

Currently showing the moving image, Voyage in an exhibition touring throughout the US until spring 2018. Curated by Jennifer Heath.

Water, Water Everywhere consists of 30-second to 30-minute films from forty-five artists worldwide exploring water issues from the political to the personal, with works that are documentary, experimental, science. Designed to be a community platform for community discussion, panels and individual talks and collaborations.

You can find out more here:

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