Heriot Toun in summer

Words for Summer 2020

The Plague

that first night thrushes woke & sang
old Tam left three eggs at the door
with these I kindled the yellow light in furze

on the second day oystercatchers piped
then flew to the roof of the abandoned school
the moon was not lit

on the third evening at eight o'clock
people went to their windows
and applauded silence

when the fourth day arrived
we found the world had grown larger
hollow creel boats bobbed affirmation

after that was the next day
we told stories from beyond and behind
stories of yet to happen and end times

the sixth & Peg left a bottle of beer at the door
or maybe that was the seventh at dusk
and maybe she left a seawoman's purse

the eighth day brought pennies to our eyelids
and seraphs who masquerade as wild geese
yes the eighth day still dawned still at dawn 

the seventh day or perhaps the sixth
we all rose from where we had been
the youngest and then the oldest










Gerry Loose (www.gerryloose.com)

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