Heriot Toun in summer

Words for Spring 2013

Spring Sequence


Anew calf stands close
by its mother's warm shoulder
evading the sleet


A jinking peesie
flutters her frivilous fans
over a greening field


There is so much beauty here
they don't know where to put it -
drifts of primroses choke the ditches


Sunlight on a meadow
that has been dark all winter
Tawny grass turns to gold

Naked birch trunks
glow in the sunset
twigs touching the sky


An ancient elm-granny,
blurred and dendritic
leans on the grey-skinned beech
across the road.

From an elder stump
green leaves squeeze out of dry twigs,
by the old flat gravestone.

Spindles of birdsong,
silver threads and golden beads.
Apeacock mews its concertina
of corroded brass.

Angus Dunn

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