Heriot Toun in summer

Words for Summer 2020

A Manifesto For MP's


Dinna be glaikit, dinna be ower smert,

dinna craw croose, dinna be unco blate,

dinna breenge in, dinna be ayewis late,

dinna steek yer lugs, dinna stek yer hert.

Dinna be sleekit, dinna be a sook,

dinna creesh nae loof for future favour,

dinna swick nor swither, hash nor haiver,

dinna be soor o face, and dinna jouk.

Open yer airms and minds tae folk in need,

hain frae fyling and skaith the land and sea,

tak tent o justice and the commonweal,

ding doon hypocrisy, wanthrift and greed,

heeze up the banner o humanity,

seek oot the truth and tae the truth be leal.



James Robertson

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